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How It Works

This Valentine’s Day, I’m supporting our veterans via Soldiers’ Angels – an incredible organization that works to ensure that those who serve or have served are supported, uplifted, and remembered through a variety of support programs.
If you’d like to participate in the Soldiers’ Angels Valentines for Veterans event – sending Valentine’s Day cards to deployed troops overseas and VA Hospitals – but don’t have time to buy/write a card, please feel free to donate whatever you’re comfortable with and I’ll purchase cards on your behalf, fill them all out, and make sure everything gets delivered to Soldiers’ Angels!
(I was originally just going to send cards myself, but then realized more people might like to join – and I don’t mind organizing and writing everything, so I figured I’d open it up to whoever wants to participate!)
Soldiers’ Angels asks that we send $1 for each card (to cover packing and shipping to the Veterans). I found a variety of cards for $0.70 – $1 and then GoFundMe charges a 2.9% fee + $0.30 per donation, so when I factored in all that plus the shipping to Soldiers’ Angels, I think it should come down to about $2.75 per card 🙂
So if you’d like to donate, plan on $2.75 per card. For quick reference, you can figure:
  • One card: $2.75
  • Two cards: $5.50
  • Three cards: $8.25
  • Four cards: $11
  • Five cards: $13.75
Of course, you’re welcome to donate as much as you’d like – I’ll purchase as many cards as your donation allows 🙂
I’ll also sign all of your cards with the first name listed on your GoFundMe donation. Soldiers’ Angels suggests keeping the message itself pretty simple, since the cards will go to a diverse group of men and women, so they suggest something like “Dear Hero…” and then a message of support and gratitude, which is what I’ll write on your behalf 🙂


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